12 Notes You Need to Know…

…If you use Facebook to market your business

  • You are only reaching 6% of your Fans with your posts
  • Most people are using Facebook on a mobile device
  • Roughly estimate $10 per 25,000 people per day when creating a Facebook ad budget
  • Target an audience size of at least 50-100k people
  • More clicks = more serves. More serves = lower cost per click rate.
  • 5 days is shortest amount of time an ad should run
  • Estimated reach figure:  Cut that number in ½ to determine how many people REALLY saw your content
  • Facebook tracks what users write about and catalogs their interests (not just what they Like)
  • To get the most out of a Facebook Offer, make sure the promotion you run is unique to Facebook (and that you are tracking results!)
  • You can run a Facebook ad targeted to an existing email database (not a stand-alone strategy, but good add on)
  • You can create a look-alike group to target an ad to a group of users (not Fans) that has the same attributes that Facebook “reads” from your email distribution list
  • Upcoming tools to look for in Facebook ads:  dayparting & call to action button after videos