National Purchasing Partners

NPP expedia

New 10% Discount with Expedia® 

Employees Also Eligible to Access Exclusive Pricing

Through our partnership with National Purchasing Partners (NPP), you now have access to travel savings from Expedia. Members save an additional 10% discount on Expedia Rate hotel bookings, over and above Expedia’s already low prices.

Your employees are also eligible for these savings on their travel. Here is a flyer you can share with your employees that explains how they can access the discount.

Your company will need to register with NPP to receive this pricing. If you’re not already an NPP member, it is free to join and there is no obligation to purchase. Through NPP you also have discounts on wireless service, office and industrial supplies, electronic devices, furniture and printing.

To sign up with NPP, visit, and select “Join Now.”  This registration sheet explains how to register with NPP, and the process for getting set up with Expedia.

If you are already an NPP member, then getting the Expedia discount is easy:

  • Log in to with your username and password.
  • Under Vendor Discounts, select “Expedia.”
  • Click on “Access Discount.”
  • Create an Expedia account, or log in with your existing Expedia account.

If you have any questions about National Purchasing Partners or Expedia, you can contact NPP at 800.810.3909 or