BIA Member Q & A


Name:  Sheri HunzekerHunzeker - web edit

Company:  Stewart Title

Position:  Development Services Project Manager

How did you get into the business?  I started as a realtor back in 1997 in Pierce County. After leaving the area for several years I eventually made my way back to Washington. I was raising my 2 daughters as a single parent and needed to have a more stable career. In 2003 I began with a title company as a sales rep to the realtor community. Eventually I moved into working with developers and builders as a project management assistant and learned a lot over the following 10 years. During the market downtown I left the industry for a couple of years. When I returned I started working at Stewart Title as a Development Project Manager. I have really enjoyed working with developers and builders to see their subdivisions come together.

What is your favorite place to travel?  Maui

Favorite sports team?  Not a sports fan, but I do love a good Blazer game

Favorite Holiday:  Thanksgiving- no gifts to worry about just family and food

Favorite TV Show – Chopped

Favorite hobby?  Cooking and gardening.  I love experimenting with new recipes and ingredients and there is nothing better than running out to the garden and grabbing fresh veggies.

What is your prediction for home building or remodeling in the next 5 years?  I believe the new construction market will continue to be strong with the migration of more people to our area and job growth.  The resale inventory is at an all time low, and there are more buyers than sellers, so new construction will have to fill that gap.  Unfortunately, the length of time it takes to create new lots to build on is 18-24 months and that keeps us trying to play catch up.  With regard to remodeling, I see that market to continue to be stable and grow moderately.  If the inventory of new homes and resale doesn’t increase, owners will be forced to remodel in order to gain the square footage and amenities they want and need. 

What committees are you involved with at the BIA?   I am an Associate Director, Member of the Parade of Homes committee and involved with the Membership Advisory Council

Why did you join the BIA?  I believe in supporting our local community businesses and in working with developers and builders over the last 15 years in Clark County, I have learned the value of doing business with local, like-minded people. The BIA has been a great asset to the building industry and I believe that the reason we have such a strong member base is because of the BIA. I would like to think I have had a small part in that success.