BIA Member Q & A

Name:  Tony Curtis

Company:  Current Home Technologies

Position:  Owner

How did you get into the business? After serving my country as a Navigator in the USN (88-92) I became an electrician. In the mid 90’s I noticed how technology, specifically home theater and house audio we’re growing in popularity. It seemed evident at the time that combining my electrical knowledge along with emerging technologies could provide a good career. 

What is your favorite place to travel?  Any mountain or stream in the PNW

Favorite sports team?  Go Hawks!, Rip City!

If you had a chance to meet any celebrity, who would you choose?   I think we all know the answer to this question!

Favorite hobby?  Anything outdoors.. cycling, hiking, kayaking, fishing, etc.

What committees are you involved with at the BIA?   Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Remodelers of Clark County (ROCC), Membership Advisory Council (MAC)   

Why do you belong to the BIA?  Originally in the mid 90’s I joined for the networking opportunity. Now I remain a member because of the relationships I’ve built.  What other association will lobby in Olympia or work with the city and county to keep housing affordable? I’m here to help those who help us all in the building industry succeed.