Remodelers of Clark County

Remodelers of Clark County

The Remodelers of Clark County (ROCC) are local craftsmen holding themselves to the highest standard. These BIA members are your expert resource for remodeling information and referrals.

Through the ROCC you can:

  • FIND companies who are specialists in the practice of remodeling homes in Southwest Washington.
  • TRUST that all ROCC members are registered contractors who are in good standing with the State of Washington Labor & Industries and are licensed, bonded and insured.
  • RECEIVE fair quotes that take all the elements of your unique project into consideration.
  • EXPECT quality work to be completed with care and professionalism.
Dave Myllymaki

ROCC Members

Dave Myllymaki, Chair of the ROCC and owner of ReNew Creations invites you to visit the full list of the Remodelers of Clark County.    ROCC Members

Remodeled Homes Tour

Columbia Credit Union Remodeled Homes Tour

Expert advice and inspiration can be found on October 20 & 21 at the Columbia Credit Union Remodeled Homes Tour. ROCC Members will be on hand at 8 transformed projects around Clark County to answer questions and offer remodeling insight.

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