ReNew Creations – 122nd Street

One Thing Leads to .  .  .  a Whole Home Remodel

The call came in, a homeowner had a deteriorating deck that needed to be replaced for safety’s sake. Our team met the homeowners and evaluated the deck. At a follow-up meeting, we discussed the budget and were promptly hired to fix the deck. Before leaving this meeting, the homeowner expressed her dislike for the carpeting that ran throughout her home and wondered what other updating ReNew Creations could do. Soon it was determined that the entire home should be remodeled with a contemporary feel.

Does this always happen? No. Occasionally, yes.

What makes the difference? Finding a remodeling company that you can relate to and trust.

The deck was completed and planning, design and budgeting for the remodel began.

Carpeting was replaced by Luxury Vinyl Plank and the entire home was painted. The barrel ceiling in the dining room was paneled and metal handrails were installed along with new surrounds for two fireplaces. The kitchen received new appliances, plumbing and lighting fixtures and quartz countertops and the laundry room received similar treatment. A simple home repair led to an overall home improvement. The homeowners loved their home and decided to update rather than move. A move may take place in five or ten years, but the homeowners are pleased to have made the investment in their home for their life today and trust that in updating it; it will have appeal for a buyer in the future.

At ReNew Creations, all projects start at the same place – your kitchen table. We sit down with you in your home and learn more about you, our customer. We want to know what works in your home and what doesn’t so that we can deliver your ideas, needs, and desires in your home project on target, on budget, and on time. This is your remodel and needs to best reflect you and your sense of home. ReNew Creations will look at the project through your eyes and get a better understanding of what you want us to accomplish.