COVID-19 Survey

COVID-19 & Effects on the Building Industry in Clark County

The BIA's goal is to assess the damage that COVID-19 has had on the building industry in Clark County. According to the most recent economic data from the BIAW, we know that the construction industry statewide lost $1.2 billion in wages during the work stoppage but we want to know how our local companies have been effected.
  • As of this date, has the COVID-19 pandemic had a noticeable, adverse effect on any of the following aspects of your business?

  • Company Background

    With the current uncertainty regarding financial positions of companies, we know it is more important than ever to find ways to save your business money. Do you take part in these money-saving programs? (If you do not, please mark those you would be interested in learning more about and type or write-in your email address. Our Membership Director or Membership Assistant will reach out to you promptly)
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