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Ryan Makinster

Ryan Makinster is the BIA’s Government Affairs Director. Ryan has more than 18 years of non-profit administration, public relations, communications, and government relations experience. You can reach Ryan directly via email or call 360.694.0933.

The Government Affairs Committee meets on the second Monday of the month in the BIA office at 3:30 pm.

Stronger Vancouver

On Monday, October 7, the Vancouver City Council met in a work session for their first public discussion of the Vancouver Stronger proposal revenue options. City Manager Eric Holmes had already provided a primer memo to jump-start the revenue conversation among council. Prior to the meeting it was recommended to the council to set aside the business improvement area package (a 42₵/foot assessment in downtown to raise $0.7M to pay for an assortment of activities) and to remove the fire sprinkler incentive program (a veiled attempt to require fires sprinklers in all new residential buildings).

At the meeting, most of the other funding sources were discussed including an increase in the head tax, utility tax, park impact fees and vehicle license tabs along with re-instituting a business and operations tax. The proposal also includes a property tax levy lid lift. Much of the time was spent discussing the levy lift and the different ways in which it can be presented to the voters, implemented, what it can fund  and  whether or not the lift, or portion thereof would be the new standard or if the property tax would revert to current levels in 6 years.

One major decision made, and a win for our industry; the council unanimously voted to remove the business and operations tax option from the proposal.  Although the majority of the council seemed receptive to the projects included in the package, a few members questioned the justification for the projects in the package and for further research on the ROI of the projects included. Especially vocal about these concerns was Councilman Bart Hansen who also offered that the whole package be paid through bonds rather than the currently proposed revenue package.

The council is expected to finish discussing the revenue package along with next steps at the October 28th work session. All members are encouraged to send letters to the council and attend the meeting to support our efforts on this issue:

Vancouver City Council Work Session

Vancouver City Hall, 4-6pm 
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