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Ryan Makinster

Ryan Makinster is the BIA’s Government Affairs Coordinator. Ryan has more than 18 years of non-profit administration, public relations, communications, and government relations experience. You can reach Ryan directly via email or call 360.694.0933.

After the Primary

Our industry, more than many others, lives and dies by statute and regulation which are created by elected officials and the jurisdictions they represent.  This makes having the right people in office very important.  We will be working through the Building Industry Group PAC to help get those candidates aligned with our values elected; they may have more endorsements, in the near future, for you to consider.

Below is a list of relevant primary winners.

US Senate State – Maria Cantwell & Susan Hutchison

3rd Congressional District – Jamie Herrera Butler & Carolyn Long

State Representative, 17th District Pos. 1 – Vicki Kraft & Tanisha Harris

State Representative, 17th DistrictPaul Harris (Endorsed) & Damion E. Jiles, Sr.

State Representative, 18th District, Pos. 1Brandon Vick (Endorsed) & Chris Thobaben

State Representative, 18th District, Pos. 2 – Larry Hoff & Kathy Gillespie

County Councilor, Chair – Eileen Quiring & Eric K. Holt

County Councilor, District #1 – Jeanne E. Stewart & Temple Lentz

County Councilor, District #2Julie Olson (Endorsed) & Elisabeth Veneman

Vancouver City Council, Position 1 – Laurie Lebowsky & Sarah Fox

Full Election Results (

Please contact Ryan Makinster for more information on this process, candidates or general election questions.

Upcoming GAC Meeting

The next Government Affairs Committee meeting is Monday, September 10 at 3:30 at the BIA office.  Please feel free to email me at if you have any issues you would like to raise.