Government Affairs Special Topics

Ryan Makinster

Ryan Makinster is the BIA’s Government Affairs Coordinator. Ryan has more than 18 years of non-profit administration, public relations, communications, and government relations experience. You can reach Ryan directly via email or call 360.694.0933.

Support Those Who Support Us

Our industry, more than many others, lives and dies by statute and regulation. Although we may be able to find work arounds to certain issues and seek compromise with government officials on permitting, inspection, land use, etc., ultimately statute and regulation are the rules we and they must abide by.

This makes having the right people in office, extremely important to our success. As we know, the anti-development crowd or those that want to fund government facilities, utilities and infrastructure at our expense are present and growing. Unfortunately, these groups don’t understand how the market truly works. Adding costs to our products ultimately gets passed on to the consumer, which affects affordability and our ability to provide housing for our friends and neighbors. In addition to this, those who wish to enact these types of laws paint us as the bad guys, the rich greedy developer, to promote these targeted changes and our clients also equate the high price of housing as our responsibility although it is these regulations that shoulder most of the blame.

BIA recently endorsed three candidates:

State Representative, 18th District – Brandon Vick

State Representative, 17th District – Paul Harris

County Councilor, District #2 – Julie Olson

It addition to a monetary contribution, advertising support and in-kind contributions to their campaigns by the Building Industry Group, BIA encourages our members to research their campaigns and if inclined; individually support them through donations, volunteerism and their vote.

We expect more endorsements to follow in the coming weeks, however these three candidates have received early endorsements due to their exemplary service to the building industry during their tenure.

Although the agencies we work with don’t answer to us directly, ultimately, they do answer us, their constituents, through our elected officials.  Make your voice heard and look for more endorsements and voter education to come.  Please contact Ryan Makinster for more information on this process, candidates or general election questions.

Upcoming GAC Meeting

The next Government Affairs Committee meeting is Monday, August 13 at 3:30 at the BIA office.  Please feel free to email me at if you have any issues you would like to raise.