Committees & Councils

Building Industry Group (PAC)

•    Chair:  Tracy Wilson,
•    Staff:  Jessica Kroll, Political Action Coordinator,
•    Meetings Held:  4:30 pm, second Monday of each month at BIA office

The Political Action Committee (PAC) of the Building Industry Association raises funds and supports pro-business candidates for public office. The Building Industry Group also contributes to community-based ballot measures such as the school and library bonds.
Golf Committee

•    Chair:  Gaston De La Torre, New York Life,
•    BIA Staff:  Danielle Kilian, Events Director,
•    Meetings Held:  Fourth Tuesday of each month, 10:00 am at BIA office (March – September)

Plan the annual BIA golf tournament held in September. The Golf Committee makes event arrangements, recruits sponsors, and signs up golfers.
Government Affairs Committee

•    Chair:  Eric Golemo, SGA Engineering,
•    BIA Staff:  Jamie Howsley, Govt Affairs Director,
•    Meetings Held:  3:30 pm, second Monday of every month at the BIA Office

Proactive group of builders, developers, real estate, banking and title company professionals dedicated toimproving the political & business climate for the building industry. The Government Affairs Committee develops long range plans to improve the public image of the industry by accurately communicating the many community benefits of growth and development.
Green Building Council

•    Chair: Aaron Helmes, Urban NW Homes,
•    BIA Staff: Stephanie Frisch, PR Director,
•    Meetings Held: Third Thursday of each month, 4:00pm at the BIA Office

The Green Building Council’s purpose is to cultivate, unify and promote the green building industry. Our work fosters sustainable practices in the development and building of communities, neighborhoods, homes and businesses in SW Washington, with a specific focus on Clark County.
Membership Advisory Council

•    Chair:  Rian Davis, Leasing Associates,
•    BIA Staff:  Karen Hall, Membership Director,
•    Meetings Held:  3:00 pm, second Thursday each month, locations TBA

The Membership Committee is a great networking opportunity for members. The primary responsibility of the Council is to promote the benefits and business opportunities available through membership. The Membership Council also strives to keep BIA members happy and involved. The Committee plans membership contests and awards prizes to encourage recruitment of new members and as an incentive for members to remain active with our Association.
Parade of Homes Committee

•    Chair:  Aaron Marvin, A.C.T. Builders,
•    BIA Staff:  Danielle Kilian, Events Director,
•    Website:
•    Meetings Held:  Fourth Tuesday of each month, 11:00 am at the BIA office (January – July)

Responsible for development, planning and implementation of the BIA’s annual Parade of Homes event. The Parade of Homes is the Association’s primary fund raising event showcasing the craftsmanship of local builders, as well as some of Clark County’s finest interior design and new product ideas. The Parade of Homes Committee is comprised of individuals who represent all areas of the building industry, volunteering their time and experience to coordinate a festive and successful event benefiting the industry, sponsors, and community alike.
Remodelers of Clark County

•    Chair:  Aaron Marvin, A.C.T. Builders,
•    BIA Staff:  Danielle Kilian, Events Director,
•    Website:
•    Meetings Held:  First Tuesday of each month, 4:00 pm at the BIA Office

We are the expert resource for remodeling information and referrals for SW Washington. ROCC seeks to unify the industry and increase consumer awareness of the credibility of our members. Remodelers join ROCC to improve business management skills, network with peers, perform community service and to work for the betterment of the industry. The Remodelers of Clark County are dedicated to elevating the level of professionalism and dependability in the local market. 
Remodeled Homes Tour

•    Chair:  Dave Myllymaki, ReNew Creations,
•    BIA Staff:  Danielle Kilian, Events Director,
•    Website:
•    Meetings Held:  First Tuesday of each month, 3:30 pm at the BIA office (February – June)

Responsible for the planning, project & sponsor recruitment and implementation of the annual Remodeled Homes Tour. 
Scholarship Committee

•    Chair:  John Bishop, ProBuild,
•    BIA Staff:  Stephanie Frisch, PR Director,
•    Meetings Held:  October – March

The BIA Scholarship Committee is charged with raising the funds needed to award scholarships to the future leaders of our industry. The Committee identifies and promotes these students by soliciting applications and selecting scholarship recipients. Since 1996, building professionals have come together to support high school, undergraduate and graduate students seeking degrees in an industry related field of study.
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