Scherer Enterprises – Timberframe Outdoor Kitchen

A collaborative design process between the owners and Scherer Enterprises resulted in the construction of this gorgeous timber framed entertainment pavilion. 

This client loves to entertain and cook for large groups of friends and family. They wanted an outdoor kitchen that would showcase their enjoyment of cooking and appreciation of the natural beauty of wood.

Massive rough sawn beams are the focal point of this structure. The hand cut and notched joinery of the rafters draw your eyes up to the vaulted roof of tongue and groove decking. Heavy black steel brackets provide eye catching accents.

The new exposed aggregate concrete patio is a great work zone for the grills, smokers, and other cooking equipment. There is an island cabinet with a sink and space for food preparation.

A large adjoining deck provides ample space for guests to relax and enjoy good times and excellent food together. This custom outdoor structure is a great addition to the client’s property. It will provide a space for many years of celebrations.

Scherer Enterprises is a remodeling contractor who understands attention to detail. No matter the intricacy of the work, you will get a remodeling contractor Vancouver, WA who is a master of everything from building codes to designing an elegant end result. We are able to work with your selection of materials and even discuss environmentally friendly options.


Larry Scherer



WA License: SCHERE*066JG