NW Natural Protocol

COVID-19 response — Virtual Green Tag procedure for Oregon/Washington Residential New Construction and Residential Conversion

4/7/2020 10:23 AM

NW Natural relies on a Green Tag placed by the building inspector/official to provide a visual indication for the approval of gas piping in a residential project.

Under the new Building Codes Division Oregon Administrative Rule (“Covid-19 Response Inspection Flexibility” – OAR 918-098-4000 – March 20, 2020), the inspector/official may perform the inspection remotely with technology (virtual inspections using video/photos and email) and may not be on-site at the time of inspection. Clark County has allowed virtual inspections for many years and has a program (Sherlook) for remote inspections.

As a result of the expected use of remote inspections in some jurisdictions, there could be no means to affix a Green Tag approval label at the premise.

Instructions for Virtual Green Tag:

1. NW Natural will allow use of verbal authorization from the jurisdiction building inspector/official to create a “Virtual Green Tag” for the gas line.

2. If the inspection occurs with the inspector/official on-site, there will be no change in process. If the inspection is performed remotely (with technology), the building inspector/official emails the NW Natural Customer Acquisition department at conversion@nwnatural.com informing NWN that the premise gas line has been approved. The building inspector/official provides name, title, jurisdiction, permit number and gas pressure (house, 2 lb., etc.) when approval is communicated. NW Natural will provide an email template to officials.

3. The NW Natural representative will record the Virtual Green Tag status and other information in the NW Natural customer order system (CRM/COM).

4. When the builder, contractor, Loy Clark or other party takes the next step to complete the equipment installation or NW Natural service line installation and does not see a physical green tag, he/she will call NW Natural (503-220-2360) to determine the Virtual Green Tag status. The NW Natural representative will note the name and company of the person calling to confirm the Virtual Green Tag.

• This Virtual Green Tag process will be considered temporary until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Gas Express Green Tags for certified and trained contractors in approved jurisdictions will continue as normal. To confirm or inquire about whether a contractor or jurisdiction is approved for the Gas Express program, call (503-220-2360).

NW Natural Virtual Green Tag Procedure (PDF)