ReNew Creations – Virtual – Deck Project

With this project complete, the client can enjoy their immaculate landscaping and breathtaking view from their new deck. 

Because of failed weatherization, this massive concrete deck was resting on rotted posts and beams.

Willing to take on the challenge of this remodel, we removed existing giant square posts above, the concrete deck surface; and the supporting framed structure below. With the new slim line posts, the homeowners have a beautiful open view of the valley and hills of west Portland from their indoor dining area.

We also replaced the glass rail system with a cable rail system that is more bird friendly.

To ensure protection from future harsh, western weather exposure, we properly weatherized the intersection between the deck and south wall of the house

At ReNew Creations, all projects start at the same place – your kitchen table. We sit down with you in your home and learn more about you, our customer. We want to know what works in your home and what doesn’t so that we can deliver your ideas, needs, and desires in your home project on target, on budget, and on time. This is your remodel and needs to best reflect you and your sense of home. ReNew Creations will look at the project through your eyes and get a better understanding of what you want us to accomplish.


Dave Myllymaki & Josh Holmgren



WA License: RENEWCL876R0