BIAW Launches Certified Builder Designation

In June, BIAW officially launched a new designation that breaks ground within the home building industry.  BIAW’s Certified Builder program creates a way to recognize and designate achievement to those in the industry whose work experience and business practices exceed state standards. The unique nature of this new designation will quickly become the gold standard in Washington. It proves that the Certified Builder measures up, cares about their work and customers, and strives every day to do their very best.

The main goal in creating the Certified Builder designation is to showcase the skills, services and business practices that are truly needed to build a better place for Washingtonians to call home. Knowing who reaches higher helps the customer make a more informed choice, which in turn creates a more powerful designation.

Why Become a Certified Builder?


Greater Value

Certified Builders choose to offer more. Each applicant is fully vetted during the process, ensuring they meet or exceed the comprehensive standards developed to become a Certified Builder. BIAW performs rigorous reviews of experience, past work performance, and inquires about vendor relationships. They insist on comprehensive warranties, contracts, and higher insurance thresholds.

Measure Up

It is an intentional choice to showcase better builders and then promote them to the public. Since the consumer today has more power than ever to accept or reject who they choose to buy from, BIAW knows that it is in the builder’s best interest to educate the public about what better standards mean to them. That creates more value for this designation than any other program developed for builders.

Raise the Bar

If you’re willing to conduct your business by exceeding state standards, you can earn this designation. Experience matters. As part of the program, everyone agrees to conduct themselves and their business at the highest standards to maintain Certified Builder status so there is built-in accountability.

The Message

BIAW will assist builders with marketing their designation to current and potential customers by sharing (at no additional cost) an unprecedented source of branded marketing materials. These include designed templates for each Certified Builder and appropriate style guides for using the logo, materials, photos, and message. This way, consumers see consistency, which makes the designation easier to connect with, which in turn translates to integrity and strength. Certified Builders will also receive extra educational opportunities, offered at a discount as well as dedicated staff to help.

When the best get recognized, better becomes the new standard. The Certified Builder designation not only creates value within our membership but also for the entire industry.  For more information or to see a current list of BIAW Certified Builders, go to

Shouldn’t you become a Certified Builder?