2024 BIA President Chuck Neibert Affinity Homes

Building Industry Association announces Chuck Neibert, Affinity Homes 2024 President
Board identifies workforce development, housing affordability as priorities

VANCOUVER, Wash, February 13, 2024 – Building Industry Association of Clark County (BIA)
announces its Board of Directors roster for 2024. The 2024 BIA President is Chuck Neibert, Coowner of Affinity Homes. In addition to Neibert, the association has added Alexa Lee, Sales
Manager at GRO to the Executive Board and Nikki Hinton Duke of Hinton Development as a
board member.

The BIA Executive Board is prioritizing workforce development and housing affordability
initiatives for 2024. To advance on these priorities, the BIA’s workforce development nonprofit,
Building Futures Foundation (BFF) is building out programs to engage students in experiential
learning and skilled trade training programs. On February 23, BFF will host its inaugural Green
Tie Gala to grow its scholarship fund to offer more tool grants as well as trade school and
academic scholarships.

“I am proud to lead an organization that is committed to addressing one of our biggest needs
and greatest opportunities in our community,” said Chuck Neibert, BIA President and Co-Owner
of Affinity Homes. “Our next generation needs profitable careers and attainable housing prices.
Our workforce development initiatives are designed to train up new skilled trade workers and
solve for the workforce shortage, one of the contributors to rising home prices.”

In the 50-year plus history of the BIA, members have fought to keep home prices in reach of
working-class families. The 2024 BIA leadership is renewing its commitment to this initiative by
providing a series of presentations, panel discussions, and advocacy opportunities to engage
members, community leaders, and policymakers in collaborative solution-oriented settings.

“The BIA has long been known as the voice of the building industry but what you will hear from
us this year is an appeal for smarter policy choices for our community,” stated Neibert. “Clark
County is at a crucial time as we consider and plan for the future. We will be urging every
community leader to view each decision through the lens of housing affordability.”

In addition to Neibert as President, the BIA will be guided by Vice President Elizabeth Gomez,
Owner of Bridge City Contracting, Vice President Secretary Alexa Lee of GRO, Vice President
Treasurer Dave Campos of iQ Credit Union, and Vice President Associate Mark Kroll of Alliant
Insurance Service.

“Each year brings new challenges and opportunities,” said Bart Hansen, BIA Executive Officer.
“I am always impressed by the new perspectives that each new president brings with them. Mr.
Neibert’s vision is one of community and that is perfect for our current time.”
For information regarding BIA events or membership, please visit biaofclarkcounty.org or email
Karen Hall at khall@biaofclarkcounty.org.


The Building Industry Association (BIA) of Clark County is a nonprofit trade association
representing the interests of all businesses involved with real estate, land development,
homebuilding, and construction.