Building Industry Group Announces General Election Endorsements

The Building Industry Group (BIG), a non-partisan Political Action Committee of the Building Industry Association (BIA) of Clark County, has announced endorsements for the upcoming general election:

Primary Endorsements (previously announced endorsements):
1.            Vancouver City Council – Anne McEnerny Ogle (Mayor)
2.            Vancouver City Council – John Blom (Position No. 1)

General Election Endorsements (new endorsements):
3.            Battle Ground City Council – Adrian Cortes (Position No. 4)
4.            Camas City Council – Steve Hogan (Mayor)
5.            Camas City Council – Gary Perman (Position No. 2)
6.            LaCenter City Council – Randy Williams (Position No. 3)
7.            Ridgefield City Council – Ron Onslow (Position No. 1)
8.            Ridgefield City Council – Don Stose (Position No. 4)
9.            Vancouver City Council – Erik Paulsen (Position No. 2)

These individuals have been deemed integral to our effort to address housing affordability and attainability at the state and local levels.