Clark County & L&I Inspections During COVID-19

The Building Industry Association of Clark County has been informed of the following changes/modifications to Clark County’s Inspection protocols in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Max Booth is the new Inspection Services Manager (as of March 16).
  • As of the 25th, inspectors will require a 24’ separation out of doors and new homes/structures must be vacated during the inspection– yes, this is a lot, but 6’ seems to not be obvious enough for all.
  • They are doing as many inspections as are appropriate by Sherlook video inspections; re-inspections, less complex inspections, etc.  They have incorporated new and better web based functionality which make it easier for customer to get connected.  Everyone is getting used to the system and there are challenges in the implementation, though everyone is incrementally getting better.
  • The County will not enter occupied homes – these inspections must be done via Sherlook video inspection.
  • All “push-pull” and repair mechanical and plumbing inspections must be done by the installer (not the homeowner) via Sherlook at the time of installation.
  • All conversations with the inspector must be done over the phone – it can be on site before they depart, but the inspectors are instructed to be in their vehicle or at the distances/conditions above.  Once again everyone has their version of acceptable protocol and the intent is to keep things going while minimizing close social interactions.
  • As of Monday the 31st, the County will no longer be doing same-day concrete pour inspections.  These have always been inefficient to cover and needs to be changed, but now it is magnified.
  • The inspectors have also been instructed to manage their own risks and make decisions accordingly – if they are not comfortable they will attempt to make it known, but can decide to not proceed or to suspend an inspection.
  • The County is having their inspectors rotate weekly into the office in groups of three or four to sync computers, pick up supplies, etc. to reduce the interactions even further for their and our customers’ benefit.


In addition, we have also been notified that the Washington Department of Labor & Industries is still conducting residential inspections.

  • Electrical, elevator, and simple boiler/pressure vessel inspections will occur remotely, using video capabilities where possible.
  • If not possible to conduct inspection remotely, L&I inspectors will continue inspections if safe to do so and in alignment with Governor Inslee’s proclamation. View L&I’s COVID-19 Resources page.

If you have questions or concerns please contact BIA’s Government Affairs Director, Ryan Makinster.

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