Clark County Issues Notice Regarding Construction Activities

This notice provides additional information regarding specific, allowable work as detailed below:

  1. For single-family and multi-family residential development and building projects, final inspection to complete the real estate transaction and work as necessary to prevent spoliation and avoid damage of previously erected structures is recognized. For the purposes of this section:

a. “Previously erected structures” are defined as those where the structure has already been framed. Requests for shear inspection will be accommodated and any or all of the following work as necessary.

  • “To prevent spoliation and avoid damage” work is limited to:
  • Weather wrap/membrane;
  • Windows;
  • Temporary construction doors;
  • Plumbing and heating vent pipes no longer than 10’ through to accommodate roof flashing;
  • Roofing (including shingles);
  • Siding;
  • Temporarily securing garage and other openings with plywood or similar materials.

b. It is at the discretion of the builder to secure the site against theft or specific damage while working within the requirements and restrictions. Placing temporary protection, such as plastic sheeting or similar, is addressed in the proclamation.

c. You are required to submit a Request for Inspection form for any inspection and the form shall include the reason it qualifies under the proclamation and a detailed description the work.


2. All construction on existing residential structures (remodel, addition, site work, accessory structure, etc.) as is necessary for “emergency repairs and projects that ensure structural integrity” or on previously framed structures as described above will be inspected.


3. Commercial/industrial development and building projects, which directly involve any of the thirteen essential facilities, services, or projects listed in the governor’s order, are eligible for inspections. All other commercial/industrial development and building projects may secure a site for protection of the structure and in the interest public safety.

For all inspections, adherence to special requirements as previously announced is required, including the physical distancing from inspectors.


For current practices and other information by jurisdiction,visit the BIA’s COVID-19 Resource Page.

*For questions, suggestions or concerns please contact Ryan Makinster, Government Affairs Director at or 360.727.1643.

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