I-5 Bridge Closure Will Affect Your Clark County Permit Appointments

During the nine-day closure (September 12-20, 2020) of the I-5 bridge, travelers crossing the Interstate Bridge in both directions will share the three existing lanes on the southbound bridge.


For example, during the morning commute the bridge will have two southbound lanes and one northbound lane open. During the evening commute, the bridge will have one southbound lane and two northbound lanes open. In addition, some on and off ramps will be closed during this time.


Traffic studies predict congestion (4 mile backup with traffic spilling onto local streets and arterials) throughout the day so you must plan accordingly.


If you have an appointment with the Clark County Permitting department, you should give yourself ample time to arrive at your appointment on time. If you miss your appointment or are more than 5 minutes late, you must reschedule it. We suggest you download the WAZE app which helps predict travel times with real time planning that can also be set to provide you an alert when you need to leave to make your appointment based on real-time traffic conditions.


The I-205 interchange and SR-14 between Vancouver and Camas will also see heavy and prolonged congestion so you will also need to plan for any trips that will require you to travel through these areas.


Visit https://www.interstatebridge.org/bridge-closure for more information including on-ramp closure, direction change schedule and other impacts.