Member Spotlight: Design NW

Design NW specializes in 3D home design, implementing virtual reality components and fly-through presentations for custom home builders and remodelers. More than just taking pen to paper or designing on a 2D computer program, a 3D home design can help the homeowners really visualize what their house will look like, bringing an added level of value to the home design process.

Design NW has been in business for more than 25 years and currently has seven employees. The owner, Gary Waldal, fell in love with home design in middle school. He reflects on his memory of drawing his first home plan in seventh grade. He has developed a passion and love for designing homes and has literally dedicated his entire life to bettering the process.

It goes above and beyond just bettering the design process though. Though Gary’s experiences, he has found that listening to clients is the most important ingredient to the recipe for business success. He knows the process is not about him, it’s about the client. Gary implements active listening skills and client observation, paying attention to the subtle clues, multiple mentions of certain features, and observation of body language and/or tone. He helps ask the right questions so that he can figure out what the client truly views as important because experience has shown that it’s the smallest details that make the biggest difference in a homeowners’ life.

In reflecting about his membership with the BIA, he appreciates the networking and social connectivity aspect that the BIA provides. He actively attends BIA events, catching up with old friends and colleagues and making a few new ones. Gary is remaining patient as we all navigate the pandemic and is exploring new ways with us to get connected to members.

Design NW does business with members and has been, or is currently, involved in some interesting projects. Gary worked with Doriot Construction for the award-winning 2018 NW Natural Parade of Homes on “The Timberline.” You can view his work online. Gary and his team are currently designing a home for a homeowner located on the Royal Oak’s Country Club golf course. A complete tear-down, the home will utilize the 1960’s home foundation footprint to rebuild a new and more modern home for the homeowner to enjoy for years to come.