Safety Meetings (AKA Toolbox Talks) are Key to Diminishing the Transmission of COVID

Safety is by far the biggest priority for construction companies and workers. Not only are your workers’ compensation premiums dependent on safe worksite practices, but your employee’s lives are also at stake.

While Labor and Industries has stated they will not adjust workers’ compensation premiums for COVID related claims, it does not mean you can slack on jobsite safety protocol associated with COVID-19. Workers and members of the general public could anonymously file a complaint about your jobsite safety practices, resulting in an unannounced inspection and possibly a citation.

You can minimize the likelihood of a complaint leading to an investigation by following all the guidelines within the Phase 2 Construction Reopening Guidelines, including weekly safety meetings (AKA “tool box talks”).

If you’d like your free Tool Box Talk template and access to English and Spanish Tool Box Talk videos, visit the BIA COVID-19 Center.

Remember: All training must be conducted in the language that workers are fluent in so be sure you’re being diligent in your training efforts. If you need access to translators, the BIA can help you find one. Give us a call at 360-694-0933 or email us for help.