Prime Contractors – Restored Farmhouse

This childhood farmhouse was restored beautifully and given innovative upgrades to continue living with the family. 

This farmhouse was originally built in 1910. When the owner was a little girl her family purchased this home. Her dad then sold the home to her. She debated between a total renovation and tearing it down completely. She decided to renovate because she hated the thought of losing her childhood home. This house is packed with memories for both her and her sister. The renovation started by lifting the home off its original foundation and completely redoing it. The house received a complete face lift both inside and out. Beams were used to enforce the structural integrity of this home, which ended up becoming a beautiful feature in the midst of it. All of the trim was milled from trees off their land by the homeowners father onsite. She and her sister prepped and stained all of it themselves and also took care of all the clean up throughout the entire project in order to reach her goal and stay within her budget. This project took 7 months to complete and required creative ways to maintain and honor the home’s original character and charm.

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