Vancouver Protocol

Safe Start Washington Phase 2

All construction is permitted, but facial coverings continue to be required on all job sites, with higher protection required for “medium and high risk” tasks. In addition, a “Jobsite Hazard Analysis” needs to be completed and documented.

You can review the short list of changes to answer most questions, however you should understand the full Phase 2 requirements and become familiar with the required documentation.

City Hall Closed – Completely online

Permit services: Land use, building and permit applications are available online or by phone 360-487-7800.

Building inspections: Building inspections will continue for new construction projects only. Inspections requested for occupied structures may be postponed or conducted using remote technology, such as video or photos, at the inspector’s discretion. Inspection scheduling available online.

More Information

Water & Sewer Permits
Applicants/Builders can apply for Water and Sewer permits through the link below:

Water/Sewer Permit Form 

Payment Options:

Check – Place check (including the permit number or application summary)   drop box located in the City Hall on-site parking lot or mail to Permit Center PO BOX 1995 Vancouver, WA 98668-1995

Epermits –  please provide your account username upon each request.
Request an Epermits account

The permits will be emailed to you for signature. Please sign and scan the permits back.