Product & Service Discounts

BIAW Member Rebate Program

The Member Rebate Program actually puts money back into your pocket. Through this program, the country’s leading manufacturers pay rebates as their way of thanking our members for their loyalty to their products. You may already be utilizing many of these products, so why not get paid a rebate for something you’re already doing?

Credit Card Processing

With more than 15 years of industry expertise, SwipeNow has become a local leader for electronic transaction needs. SwipeNow is currently saving our clients an average of 22% off of their current fees. SwipeNow guarantees all rates and customer service. All application fees and startup fees are also waived for BIA members.

Amazon Storefront

Amazon offers business pricing on more than 5 million products. Visit this curated collection of products for the office and job site. Business-friendly payment options and free shipping on orders over $25. Looking for an item you don’t see on the page? Contact Avaly Scarpelli at BIA.

National Purchasing Partners (NPP)

National Purchasing Partners is a group purchasing organization offering BIA members access to an aggressively priced contract portfolio with world class vendors. Membership for all members is free and voluntary; there is no cost to join and no obligation to participate. You can access the following discounts by joining NPP:  Cell Phones, Shipping, Travel, Office Supplies, Paint and much more.

NAHB Member Advantage

As a benefit of being a member, you have access to discounts and savings opportunities offered by many top national companies.


Houzz and the NAHB have formed a strategic alliance to provide benefits for NAHB Members including personalized support and special discounts on local advertising and Houzz Shop.