Clark County Protocol

Safe Start Washington Phase 2

All construction is permitted, but facial coverings continue to be required on all job sites, with higher protection required for “medium and high risk” tasks. In addition, a “Jobsite Hazard Analysis” needs to be completed and documented.

You can review the short list of changes to answer most questions, however you should understand the full Phase 2 requirements and become familiar with the required documentation.

Permitting and Inspections
By Appointment Only

Residential Building Applications

Residential Application Checklist

Residential Permit Issuance



The Building Inspection team would prefer you use virtual inspections, Sherlook, FaceTime, Skype.

All push pull mechanical and plumbing inspections installs must be done by installer with Sherlook at conclusion of work.

To request a Sherlook inspection, call 360-397-2069, or email  The inspector will initiate an inspection by sending a text to you with a web link.

Full Inspection Protocol/Instructions