Phase 1 Construction

On April 24, Gov. Inslee authorized Phase 1 of the restart of residential construction, effective immediately in Washington State. It is imperative that residential construction leads the way to demonstrate that construction job sites are safe and sanitary in order to have our industry completely re-opened. Phase 1 construction includes all activities that can only be performed with six-foot social distancing requirements and following a COVID-specific job site safety plan.

On April 29, Gov. Inlsee issued a memo clarifying “existing construction” as construction activity that is a) needed to fulfill an obligation under a contract effective prior to March 23, 2020, or b) authorized by a government-issued permit obtained prior to March 23, 2020.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Phase 1 is only for existing projects, it doesn’t allow new projects to start (yet); that will be Phase 2.
  • Phase 1 includes work that can be performed while social distancing by six feet. Any work that needs to be performed more closely is not allowed and work will be done to get that opened under Phase 2.
  • There is no delay on the implementation, if members follow the requirements, they can work as early as today.
  • Job site safety plans are required. Download BIAW’s safety plan for your use.
  • Employers must check temperatures and ask if workers are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms prior to their start on a jobsite.
    • Reassure your employees that temperature readings will NOT be recorded.
  • PPE will be required and employer provided. PPE masks are any facial covering, not just N95.
  • Job site signage is required. Access BIAW’s required signage for your use.
  • Job site visitor logs must be utilized. Access a template.
  • Jobsite COVID-19 training is required. Access a toolbox talk and sign-in sheet.


Before returning to work, you MUST have 100% PPE and safety protocols in place.
Not part of the protocol, not just notices, not just PPE… ALL!

We already have reports of builders and subs on-site without following proper protocol including required PPE equipment. Not only does that put you at risk, you are jeopardizing the ability for the whole industry to continue working.

Governor Inslee was clear; If we are unable to abide by the terms of the agreed upon protocols, the industry could be shut down again. The governor also reiterated the escalation of enforcement.

1. Warning
2. Fines and removal from site
3. Rescinding of permits
4. Legal enforcement including a gross misdemeanor charge (up to a year in jail and $5,000 fine)
5. Referral to the attorney general for further action

*In addition, local jurisdictions are not prohibited from passing emergency orders more restrictive than the governor’s proclamation if they feel our industry is not abiding by the requirements.

*BIAW has produced a Safety Plan and templates for all of the required documents you need to have at every jobsite in order to return to work access

Watch the BIAW Member Town Hall on How to Get Back to Work Safely in Phase 1

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